Dr. Stevens is an agronomist at the University of Missouri-Delta Research Center located at Portageville, MO. The objective of his research is to provide farmers with new cropping systems which will increase their profits by reducing input costs and promoting higher yields. His current research projects include evaluating portable instruments for in-field soil and plant tissue testing, winter cover crop “cocktail” mixtures to improve soil quality, and center pivot irrigation for rice production.
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IMG_0796Crop Water Use App – an irrigation program for smart phones linked to the weather stations in the University of Missouri mesonet.

Precision Planting – large field scale corn and soybean research on highly variable soils.

Center Pivot Rice – farmers can grow rice on soils without flooding. I am conducting irrigation experiments to save on input costs and water.

Soil Health in Crop Fields – monitoring phospholipid fatty acids and active carbon in producers fields with different cover crops.

Sweet Sorghum as Biofuel – sweet sorghum produces sugar similar to sugar cane which can be made in industrial products.